10 Muscle Building Tips

10 Muscle building tips

SO you want to pack on some muscle? Good because that’s what this article is about! Being toned, muscular, defined and healthy is a good thing. Whether you’re male or female.


More muscle means less body fat, more energy, greater performance physically and more confidence mentally.




1:Train using multi joint exercises like squats, dead lifts, Olympic lifts such as clean and jerk and snatch.


2:Avoid isolation exercises such as bicep curls unless you have unlimited training time!


3:Short rest periods trigger the greater muscle growth, so keep rest to 60 seconds max


4: vary the tempo at which you lift the weights, also vary your rest periods, you can move the weight slow or fast, both are great for building muscle when performed correctly.


5:Use the hypertrophy muscle building range to maximize muscle growth- 8-12 reps per set and a minimum of 3-5 sets per exercise for small muscles such as the biceps, 6 + for large muscles like the legs.


6:Control your exercises, what I mean is make sure the muscle lifts the weight and not momentum.


7:Train circuit style, minimal rest maximum effort! Fat burning heaven! Mix up the stations between lower body and upper body, weighted and none weighted exercises. Such as station 1 barbell squats, station 2 press ups bodyweight, station 3 pull ups bodyweight, station 4 lunges weighted. Try 2 stations for 30 seconds each, rest 1 minute, go again, repeat.



8: Push yourself! You can do it! Push out those last few reps, go heavier, perform drop sets at the end of every workout, meaning perform a set to failure on a given weight, immediately go lighter by bout 10-15% and go to failure again, keep going till you just can’t. This is fairly advanced way of training and not for a beginner just to add.


9: Train the anaerobic system over the aerobic system to burn the most fat! Simply lift weights, perform body weight exercises, high intensity workouts with minimal rest.


10: High intensity sprints to strip the fat, example jog then sprint x 10 then rest for 1 minute and go again. Hill sprints are perfect, sprint up the hill, walk or jog down to catch your breath, repeat and repeat.