1arm pull throughs to a press with 12kg using the TRX

1 arm pull throughs to a press with 12kg using the TRX


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1 arm pull throughs to a press with 12kg using the TRX


Using the TRX ropes is a great way to add functionality and real strength to any gym workout. Using your own bodyweight as a weight brilliant way to incorporate the abdominal muscles and stabilising muscles in most bodyweight movements. When I talk about real strength I mean not sitting down on a machine, resting your triceps on some lovely padded foam and curling your biceps with a weight you can’t lift properly!

Real strength is the ability to lift ones bodyweight effectively,efficiently and for reps. 

Performing one 1 arm pull throughs to a press using a 12kg kettle bell is an advanced move. You have to have good grip strength, pull up strength, core strength and even the hamstrings and bum will have to contract to allow you to perform the move correctly. You see how many muscles are involved here? There all big muscles too, meaning greater muscle building and fat loss and greater more effective workouts in a shorter amount of time.

A simple low lying bodyweight pull up using the TRX:

Thing is with bodyweight movements they are always working another muscle your probably not even aware of. So a simple low lying pull up with your feet on the floor of even in a bent position will greatly work the back muscles, lats, trapezius, rhomboids, biceps and abs. So in this one we are woking 5 different muscles but there is more, your pecs or chest have to contract and relax to allow you to perform this move, your triceps also. Your hamstrings and bum will also contact to allow you to perform the move. So in this one simple enough move we or you will be using 9 different muscles!!

Effective, fun and challenging: 

You can make bodyweight moves as easy or as hard as you want. You don’t need fancy equipment, you just need you a bar and some ropes. Simple press ups work the chest, shoulders, arms, abs and even the lower back. This exercise can be made easy with knees bent on the floor or harder by putting legs straight. Harder still is explosive push ups, or slowing the movement down so the muscle has to contract for  a longer period of time.


Lifting, pushing and balancing with your own weight will make you very strong, supple, agile and connected. When I say connected I mean traditional gym routines encourage you to isolate muscles, work any given muscle by itself. This encourages stiffness in movement, to be come dis connected from one muscle to another. You may have big biceps but can you do  pull up? Does your body know even how to move so that you could do one? Working with bodyweight movements teaches you to re connect, become strong and flexible. Working out should be about movement and not about working and isolating certain muscles.

Get on the TRX and give it a go. Not sure how just ask me.