Are you confident?


Confidence is a massive bonus if you have it!


People love confident people. I’m sure you aspire to be confident and successful. We often associate confidence with success, wealth and happiness.


We all want that right? Success, wealth and happiness?


Guess your asking now what has this got to do with fitness and health?


Well a lot to be honest.


If you are confident and happy within yourself then you will try! Try new things, take risks, push yourself and most importantly achieve what you set out too do.


Your mental state or mind set can greatly affect how you interact or what you do.


In a fitness sense if you are positive and strong mentally you will push through to rep out those last few reps, go that bit heavier or run that bit faster for longer.


Ever walked into a gym and felt inadequate next to the guy with the bulging muscles or the woman with the great abs and bum?


Take a step back, think about what they have done to get where they currently are. They have researched and researched, tried and tried, failed and failed, then tried again and succeeded.


To get in great shape, improve health and fitness you need to plan, plan your training, track your progress, plan your diet to maximize your results.

If your training is planned, measured, specific to you and realistic then you will feel confident in what you are doing.


Confidence will lead to success. 

Below are some simple tools to help you track and record progress. These will help you stay focused.


S.M.A.R.T stands for specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timed.


Are your goals specific to you? Pointless trying to run a 4 minute mile if you can’t run for 30 seconds.


Keep track and measure your performances. So you can see improvements an failures. This gives you the opportunity to praise yourself for doing well but also to the chance to put right current failings.


Can you realistically achieve your goals? Be honest with yourself here. Set unrealistic goals and you will fail, this will lead to a negative response and potentially lead to giving up on your fitness goals.


Put a time frame on achieving your fitness targets. This will give you focus to stay motivated and succeed.


Hope you find this useful, James