Blueberries! Bad ass superfood !

Blueberries! Bad ass superfood!




Blueberries! Bad ass superfood!

Want a kick ass healthy snack? Want to look younger? Blueberries are full of healthy goodness that will help you live a healthier, fuller life. So read on and reap the benefits of this bad ass superfood!

1) Blueberries help keep you looking younger! Thats right! You too can look young again, just kidding but seriously if you feel you need a little extra help then blueberries can help you fight those shits called free radicals running around damaging cells. Blueberries are full of antioxidants kicking ass helping you look young and fresh.

They also help fight inflammation, this nasty word causes heart disease, diabetes, cancer and so on but our little friend helps prevent these unwanted problems. Not bad eh?

2) Blueberries help fight cancer! Blueberries are shown to have a high Gallic acid content. Gallic acid acts as a antioxidant and helps to protect our cells against cancer without harming healthy cells. Meaning skin, bones, joints, organs are all better protected from free radicals that cause cancer.

3) Helps you get rid of unwanted waste( going to the loo). 

Blueberries are full of insoluble and soluble fibre. Meaning that if you struggle to do a number two then these might help you. Check that I made a rhyme. Anyway a bit more science now. Blueberries help the GI tract. This is the pathway food takes from the mouth, through the esophagus, stomach, small and large intestine within where the nutrients are extracted for the needs of the body. The residue then passes to the rectum where it is evacuated. As I say helps you go to the loo.

4) Heart health. Blueberries keep your heart healthy! Amazingly eating strawberries and blueberries together cuts your risk of heart attack by 33%! 

5)Weight loss! They help you lose weight! Man these things are goo aren’t they? Because they are high in fibre and what I call slow releasing carbohydrates they make you feel fuller for longer. Meaning less chance of over eating and gaining excess weight. Boom.

Blueberries! Bad ass super food!