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Deans fat shredding circuits

Deans fat shredding circuits 


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Deans fat shredding circuits


This is my client dean blasting his fat shredding circuits. Circuit training or HIT training is an excellent way to build muscle and burn fat. Here Dean is performing big explosive moves that incorporate a lot of muscles at the same time, thus maximising his energy expenditure resulting in greater fat loss. Below is a description as to why we do each exercise and the benefits of each one.

Squat jumps onto a platform: 

This exercise is great for building explosive power in the quads( front thigh), bum, hamstrings( back thigh) and the calves(lower back leg muscle). It will increase muscle mass in the legs and over the body as a whole, increase athletic performance if you play football or tennis for example. As these are both sports that require short bursts of speed and power. Squat jumps also raise the heart rate making it a little more aerobic meaning the heart and lungs have to work a little harder, making it a cardiovascular workout too.

clap press ups: 

These are great for developing the chest, shoulder and triceps as well as incorporating the abdominal muscles. A normal press up works all the muscles I just mentioned but an explosive press up will build power and speed. Great for boxers who need fast hands and explosive punching power to defeat their opponent. You may wish just to push up into the air and land on the same spot without clapping first to gain confidence in the move. Once you can do 10×10 sets of press ups easily, give the clapping press ups a try.

Shoulder press using the legs: 

As always I try in my client focused sessions to maximise the muscles used, no isolation exercises should be used as these are a waste of time. Isolation exercises only use a limited amount of muscles and do not teach the body how to move functionally and effectively. Infact they do the opposite. They teach you how to be stiff and rigid, not free and flowing. So we use big compound lifts that use as many muscles as possible in a functional productive way. Here we are shoulder pressing using the legs to help generate explosive power that starts from the legs and transfers into the shoulders the through the arms.




Ring muscle up progress

Ring muscle up progress


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Ring muscle up progress


Hey, this is a video of me woking on my ring muscle ups. Im not perfect by any means as this video only shows me doing 3 muscle ups but its progress and its my progress. hopefully in the next few weeks I will post another of me doing 5 muscle ups, 7 and so on. My short term aim is to be able to do 10 muscle ups in a row. Muscle ups are a great muscle builder for the back, shoulders and chest. Its not just a pulling exercise or a chest exercise it is an overall upper body muscle builder that also involves the core.

Some simple tips on how to start and progress

To be able to perform a muscle up you need to have good pull up strength and endurance. As in can you do 10 sets of 10 with minimal rest and with good form? You also need good dip strength and endurance, can you do 10 sets of 10 with minimal rest? If yes great, if not try and work up to 50 overhand pull ups every day. Try varying the grip in terms of width, practice wide grips, medium and narrow overhand grips. Good core strength and endurance wouldn’t be a bad thing to have either so if you can perform an L sit in a pull up position with you arms either straight or bent  for 30 seconds or more at any one time then this would be beneficial. Grip is also crucial. Place your thumbs over the bar rather than under the bar when attempting the muscle up. Reason being is this will enable you to be able to rotate your shoulders more easily, thus making the transition from pull up to a dip position easier.

You may wish to place a step below the bar so you can do a little jump into the muscle ups. This will help you understand the movement and technique.

Practice explosive pull ups to work on explosive power, practice holding pull ups a key stages of the pull up. As in head over the bar, hold for 5 seconds, hold at 90 degrees at the elbow for 5 seconds and hold just above your arms being locked out for 5 seconds.

As always practice and practice.






Kick ass healthy smoothie recipe

Kick ass healthy smoothie recipe




Smoothies are a great way to get vital nutrients into your body that will aid your training, increase health, fight disease, infection, make you look and feel great. This great tasting energy boosting smoothie will help fight infection, aid your muscle recovery, fight cancer and aid in helping you lose weight. So try it and let me know what you think.


Banana kick 


3 bananans, 2 lemons squeezed, 2 limes squeezed, 2 green apples ( without the core), Fresh ginger grated ( small amount).

Add 400 ml of water, about 3-4 pints worth.

Health benefits

Banana: Boosts your mood, aids absorption of nutrients, high in fibre helping prevent disease, helps you feel full so you avoid over eating, helps prevent muscle cramps.

Lemons: Full of potassium good for the heart and brain function, aids digestion, flushes toxins from your body, helps keeps the skin looking fresh and wrinkle free, increases energy.

Limes: help keep the skin looking fresh, fight cancer, high in the antioxidant vitamin c, strentghens the immune system, protects against arthritis.

Green apples: Natural teeth whitener, aids weight loss, protect against type 2 diabetes, help fight cancer and high in fibre.

Ginger: lessens muscle pain from exercise by 25%, aids absorption of nutrients, prevents colon cancer, increases your immune system, reduces nausea and vomiting caused by motion sickness.



Cravings! Cravings, I want sugar!

Cravings! Cravings, I want sugar!




Cravings! Cravings, I want sugar! These can be an absolute nightmare! They can wreck your diet and cause you to gain weight!

Cravings are generally a sign that you are simply defiecent in certain nutrients.

Have you ever craved sugar? Chocolate? Cake?

Its simply a sign that you’re body is deficient in certain vitamins and minerals.

Below are some examples of common cravings and what you can eat thats healthy instead to satisfy these cravings without destroying ones diet.
Craving Cheese? Then your deficient in essential fatty acids.

So eat: Essential Fatty Acids deficiency Omega 3′s (EPA and DHA)- Flax oil, ground flaxseeds, chia seeds, walnuts

Craving pasta, white bread? Then you are deficient in chromium.

So eat: Onion, lettuce, tomato, cinnamon, grapes, apples, sweet potato

Red meat cravings? Means your deficient in Iron.

So eat: Beans, legumes, prunes, figs+ other dried fruit, seaweed, spinach, cherries, Vitamin C for iron absorption

Crisps? I like these too but its a sign your are deficient in chloride.

So eat: Celery, olives, tomato, kelp, Himalayan sea salt.

Chocolate? One of my favourites! Though it means you are deficient in magnesium.

So eat:  whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds, greens, fruit, magnesium

Pop? Fizzy drinks? Means you need to eat more calcium.

So eat:Sesame seeds/ tahini, broccoli, kale, legumes, mustard and turnip greens.

Craving sweets? Generally means your low on blood sugar(hypoglycaemic).

So eat: Fruit, high fibre foods (beans, legumes), complex carbs (grains), chromium (cinnamon.







Women’s Health? You serious?



Women’s Health? You serious?


The below picture was sent to me by my Girlfriend. Women’s health magazine top tips for being healthy are How to look sexy without showing any cleavage, 15 hottest doctors of all time and why hasn’t some celebrity married some guy!


Womens health mag


Wow so Women’s healths top tips on health are an interesting choice and have nothing to do with health what so ever! 

Considering this magazine is written for females and should be about empowering females to do well, succeed in their training, succeed in their career and generally be a strong minded independent woman. Then this is not really getting that point across is it? 

Where is the information on improving health? Like what to eat, how much and when?

Information on training? How often? What to train? Sets and reps guides?

Supplement advice?

Work related or career advice on progressing? How to deal with certain situations? like harassment?

But no none of this! Instead a women’s magazine written for women focusses on sexual related topics!

Surely this should not be the focus? I mean there are plenty of magazines objectifying women in society! That a female oriented magazine should not be following suit right?

Shouldn’t the front cover have examples of women athletes performing well and who are examples of dedication and hard work to their chosen careers/sports? 

Maybe even a Q and A about their lifestyle, how much they train, their diet, how they have overcome any prejudice towards them in trying to succeed in their chosen field?

If you want advice on training, diet, gaining confidence and improving body shape give me a shout call or text 07961140174 



Are you confident?


Confidence is a massive bonus if you have it!


People love confident people. I’m sure you aspire to be confident and successful. We often associate confidence with success, wealth and happiness.


We all want that right? Success, wealth and happiness?


Guess your asking now what has this got to do with fitness and health?


Well a lot to be honest.


If you are confident and happy within yourself then you will try! Try new things, take risks, push yourself and most importantly achieve what you set out too do.


Your mental state or mind set can greatly affect how you interact or what you do.


In a fitness sense if you are positive and strong mentally you will push through to rep out those last few reps, go that bit heavier or run that bit faster for longer.


Ever walked into a gym and felt inadequate next to the guy with the bulging muscles or the woman with the great abs and bum?


Take a step back, think about what they have done to get where they currently are. They have researched and researched, tried and tried, failed and failed, then tried again and succeeded.


To get in great shape, improve health and fitness you need to plan, plan your training, track your progress, plan your diet to maximize your results.

If your training is planned, measured, specific to you and realistic then you will feel confident in what you are doing.


Confidence will lead to success. 

Below are some simple tools to help you track and record progress. These will help you stay focused.


S.M.A.R.T stands for specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timed.


Are your goals specific to you? Pointless trying to run a 4 minute mile if you can’t run for 30 seconds.


Keep track and measure your performances. So you can see improvements an failures. This gives you the opportunity to praise yourself for doing well but also to the chance to put right current failings.


Can you realistically achieve your goals? Be honest with yourself here. Set unrealistic goals and you will fail, this will lead to a negative response and potentially lead to giving up on your fitness goals.


Put a time frame on achieving your fitness targets. This will give you focus to stay motivated and succeed.


Hope you find this useful, James




Eat more FAT for health

Consuming fatty foods for many is bad idea! Ill get fat, ill put on weight… the amount of people who are so confused largely thanks to the food industry is shocking.



For a long time and it still goes on the food industry has marketed their products as being low in fat, low in calories, more like low in anything remotely nutritious or beneficial!

Lets be clear quality fats are not your enemy. Goods fats such as Polyunsaturated and mono unsaturated fats are very good for you.

Things that are high in FAT are not necessarily bad for you as food manufactures would have you believe. It all depends on what type you consume. You want to avoid trans fats and hydrogenated fats as these are man made. Hydrogenated fats can be found in chocolate, french fries,ice cream and biscuits for example.

These Trans fats/hydrogenated fats will lower your good cholesterol and raise your bad cholesterol! Meaning greater risk of heart disease, strokes and heart attacks.

Lets look at one source of quality fat. One of my favourites is pistachios :).

Now these are tasty as. Quality sources of monounsaturated fats, polyunsaturated fats, protein, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates…

Pistachios contain:

Zinc(mineral): Vital in the production of testosterone and growth hormones, perfect for muscle building and fat loss. Supports reproductive health and fertility. Helps prevent cancer and help stregthen your immune system. Zinc lessens the affects of inflammation and lessens the affects of ageing!

Monounsaturated fats: These help reduce bad cholesterol levels in your blood which can lower your risk of heart disease and stroke. They also provide nutrients to help develop and maintain your body’s cells. Contains the antioxidant Vitamin E which helps protect and maintain the skins appearance and protect against conditions such as diabetes.

Magnesium(mineral):Magnesium is important for bone formation. High magnesium intakes are associated with a greater bone density and have shown to be effective for decreasing the risk of osteoporosis in postmenopausal women.

Copper(mineral): Pistachios are high in copper which acts as an anti inflammatory that helps reduce the symptoms of arthritis, copper assists in growth of hair, organs and muscles. Also copper helps prevent premature ageing! Copper helps us utilise our energy department. Therefore, when we have enough copper in our bodies, we will have enough functional and accessible energy to get through the day without feeling lethargic or tired.

Protein: Greater muscle growth, more lean body tissue( less body fat). Protein makes you feel fuller, so less chance of over eating and gaining excess weight. Protein raises you energy expenditure when resting so more calories burned at rest more fat loss and more muscle preservation. Increase in strength and bone density.

This is just one example of one food containing fats that are high in quality nutrition that will leave you feeling energised and full of health. So please don’t be afraid of cousumming fatty foods as long as they are the right type.

Slow releasing foods? What’s that?

Eat slow releasing energy foods. Why you ask?

There is a thing called the glycaemic index. This simply gives a rank as too how fast food elevates blood sugar. Now we want to avoid high glycaemic index foods when we are not training as high glycaemic foods will cause you to gain fat. So things like porridge oats, green beans, broccoli, cherries, plums, peaches are all good examples of slow releasing energy foods that will leave you feeling fuller, energised and importantly avoiding the temptation to snack on sugary foods.

Meaning greater Fat loss, so make sure you avoid most of the time, chocolate, sweets, sugar, white rice, cakes, alcohol and processed foods. As these will raise your blood sugar! Most people’s blood sugar is not properly balanced. If you’re getting too much glucose, it leads to high blood-sugar levels, which your body can’t break down and stores as fat.

So here is a table ranking various foods on there ability to elevate blood sugar. Now I must point out that you want fast releasing ones when training such as bananas! These give you a boost to keep training hard.



This remember is a quick guide on sustaining energy through slow releasing energy foods. Don’t forget you need a varied diet of protein and fats as well as carbohydrates. Eat well, live well and be well.


Sweet and tasty, Pineapples Rock!


Pineapples not only taste great but are packing dense nutrients that will aid your performance in the gym and overall health!

1: 1 fresh cup contains 131% of your recommended daily intake of vitamin C. This helps keep you healthy, heal, increase your uptake of iron, meaning higher haemoglobin and red blood cell production leading to a more efficient heart and lungs! Great for all you cardio kings and queens :).

2: Contains riboflavin, also known as vitamin B2, plays a significant role in the production of energy. It helps in the conversion of carbohydrates to sugar, which fuels the body’s many functions.

3:People who eat pineapples will have a lower risk of developing Asthma due to certain nutrients.  The nutrient is beta carotene  which is found in plant foods like pineapple, carrots and  apricots.

4: Helps prevent cancer! Due to high levels of the antioxidant vitamin C.

5: Increase in fertility! Pineapples high in antioxidants such as vitamin C, beta carotene as well as minerals and vitamins like copper, zinc have the ability to boost the chances of those looking to conceive.

6: High in potassium that helps maintain muscle mass! Diets that are  low in potassium can result in muscle wastage! Especially as we get older. Higher protein intake and potassium rich foods need to be consumed. The tasty pineapple comes to your aid :).

7: The antioxidant vitamin C helps fight skin damage caused by the sun,pollution,reduces wrinkles and aid in improving the overall appearance of a persons skin.




8 Amazing, astonishing benefits of apples





Apples are amazing and here’s 10 reasons why:

1: High in antioxidants, these limit the damage caused by free radicals and help repair damage to cells caused by oxidation.

2: Want whiter teeth? apples stimulate the production of saliva in your mouth, reducing tooth decay by lowering the levels of bacteria.

3: Help fight cancer! Apples Protect cells from cancer-inducing oxidative damage, Prevent the start of cancer growth! Stop tumours from growing and promote cancer cell death. Not bad eh? Cheap too, id eat them regularly if I were you.

4: Brazilian scientists have shown that adding three apples daily to women’s diets helps lower their calorie intake and contributes to weight reduction. Wow so apples help you lose weight? More reasons to eat them.

5: Apples help you regulate or control blood sugar levels, high blood sugar can lead to type two diabetes!

6: Apples contain Quercetin – a flavonoid shown to prevent inflammation and asthma that has also been linked to cancer prevention.

7: High in Phytochemicals – a variety compounds that have been linked to a reduction in cardiovascular disease and cancer.

8: Help detoxify your body! Unfortunately we consume too many bad foods in general so luckily apples help detoxify the body :).

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