Deans fat shredding circuits

Deans fat shredding circuits 


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Deans fat shredding circuits


This is my client dean blasting his fat shredding circuits. Circuit training or HIT training is an excellent way to build muscle and burn fat. Here Dean is performing big explosive moves that incorporate a lot of muscles at the same time, thus maximising his energy expenditure resulting in greater fat loss. Below is a description as to why we do each exercise and the benefits of each one.

Squat jumps onto a platform: 

This exercise is great for building explosive power in the quads( front thigh), bum, hamstrings( back thigh) and the calves(lower back leg muscle). It will increase muscle mass in the legs and over the body as a whole, increase athletic performance if you play football or tennis for example. As these are both sports that require short bursts of speed and power. Squat jumps also raise the heart rate making it a little more aerobic meaning the heart and lungs have to work a little harder, making it a cardiovascular workout too.

clap press ups: 

These are great for developing the chest, shoulder and triceps as well as incorporating the abdominal muscles. A normal press up works all the muscles I just mentioned but an explosive press up will build power and speed. Great for boxers who need fast hands and explosive punching power to defeat their opponent. You may wish just to push up into the air and land on the same spot without clapping first to gain confidence in the move. Once you can do 10×10 sets of press ups easily, give the clapping press ups a try.

Shoulder press using the legs: 

As always I try in my client focused sessions to maximise the muscles used, no isolation exercises should be used as these are a waste of time. Isolation exercises only use a limited amount of muscles and do not teach the body how to move functionally and effectively. Infact they do the opposite. They teach you how to be stiff and rigid, not free and flowing. So we use big compound lifts that use as many muscles as possible in a functional productive way. Here we are shoulder pressing using the legs to help generate explosive power that starts from the legs and transfers into the shoulders the through the arms.