Fresh Fruit Prince Smoothie

Fresh fruit prince smoothie



Green smoothies are awesome for your health.  this fresh fruit prince smoothie tastes great and is a fantastic way to get vital nutrients. I personally don’t like many green vegetables but I manage to cram my daily or weekly fix of green vegetables into my green smoothies.

Fresh fruit prince

Ingredients: half a small pineapple, half a cucumber, handful of fresh mint leaves, 2 green apples, 1 banana and a small amount of ginger.  Add 400 ml of water. This makes about 3-4 pints.


Pineapple:1 fresh cup contains 131% of your recommended daily intake of vitamin C. This helps keep you healthy, heal, increase your uptake of iron, meaning higher haemoglobin and red blood cell production leading to a more efficient heart and lungs! Great for all you cardio kings and queens :).

High in potassium that helps maintain muscle mass! Diets that are low in potassium can result in muscle wastage! Especially as we get older. Higher protein intake and potassium rich foods need to be consumed. The tasty pineapple comes to your aid :).

Cucumber: Aids in brain health, improves memory and protects nerve cells from age related decline, lowers the risk of cancer, helps in losing weight as contains soluble fibre that makes you feel fuller for longer, meaning less chance of over eating.

Mint: Aids digestion, the strong aroma of mint is very effective in clearing up congestion of the nose, throat, bronchi and lungs, which gives relief for respiratory disorders that often result from asthma and the common cold. As mint cools and soothes the throat, nose and other respiratory channels, it relieves the irritation which causes chronic coughing.

Banana:Feeling low? Bananas boost your mood! they contain high levels of tryptophan. stress, irritability, depression are all affects on the mind that affect us in a negative way. Tryptophan is converted into serotonin which helps boost your mood in a positive way! So stay happy and get munching.

Apple:Help fight cancer! Apples Protect cells from cancer-inducing oxidative damage, Prevent the start of cancer growth! Stop tumours from growing and promote cancer cell death. Not bad eh? Cheap too, id eat them regularly if I were you.

Ginger:lessens muscle pain from exercise by 25%, aids absorption of nutrients, prevents colon cancer, increases your immune system, reduces nausea and vomiting caused by motion sickness.