Obesity Crisis?

Does the UK have an obesity crisis?

A survey published in 2012 found that just over a quarter of all adults (26%) in England are obese. A further 41% of men and 33% of women are classed as overweight!

A quarter of the UK is obese! That’s 1 in 4 people!


There are numerous reasons as too why and its not always black and white as some people would portray.

This extract below is from Ed Miliband’s proposal on how to solve this obesity crisis:

The Labour health blueprint includes:

A total ban on the current £300 million sports sponsorship by drinks firms.
Minimum alcohol price to stop ‘pre-loading’ by young drinkers.
Banning supermarkets from selling drinks near the door, or sweets at the tills.
New laws to curb the amount of sugar, fat and salt in food aimed at children – and a 9pm watershed for TV adverts for unhealthy products that might appeal to youngsters.
Lottery cash to build skateboard parks.
Aiming to get half the population to take regular exercise within ten years.
A goal that children born from next year will be the ‘first smoke free generation’.

Its interesting that there main policies are on banning this and banning that.

Now everyone in my opinion should have the right to have a drink now and then, in moderation of course. Having a chocolate bar here and there will not make you fat or obese but of course having 2 a day with no exercise would be a massive contributor to someone gaining weight, same as going out every weekend and getting smashed on the lash!

People are always going to want nice tasty things, its called greed! You want that cake, that pack of crisps, that bar of chocolate because it tastes nice and simply put you want it so your going to have it. Right?

That’s fine, Now Mr Milliband want to ban this and that. This appears his solution to the obesity crisis. Has banning anything ever worked? I mean weeds illegal but anyone can get a hold of it.

Should the emphasis on tackling the obesity crisis not be on educating? Encouraging our youngsters to take part in sport, too be competitive, to want to take and active interest in maintaining and pursuing an active lifestyle that would benefit them when it came to the working environment?

Being competitive and wanting to well as a mindset is very powerful tool to have! So would this not benefit young people later in life?

From what I understand PE in schools is not a main focus. Why? It should be! Being competitive, active, dedicated to a chosen sport would surely help curb the obesity problem?

Being taught from a young age what foods are good, what is bad would be a better route to helping the obesity rise, would it not?

Spending more money on quality pitches, quality courts, improving and expanding local facilities should be a priority.

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