Training hard and getting no noticeable results?

Can’t control what you eat or how much?

Want to lose weight or build muscle?

Confused what food labels tell you?

Getting stressed far too often?

Then you need a diet plan! 

Why ?

Your specific diet plan will give you all the information you need to plan your meals. What to eat, how much and when to eat. Detailed planning with extra tips and advice. To give you control to get you the results you want! Get in touch now to regain control of your diet and your life!


What you eat and drink can have a positive effect or a negative effect on your body and your minds performance. Drinking a can of pop can increase your rate of heart attack or stroke by 48%! On the other hand drinking water helps you lose weight and promotes energy and relieves fatigue. Its a simple but effective change to replace fizzy drinks with water but one that will lead to amazing fat burning, stress releasing benefits. As a constant supply or water allows you to perform to your best.

Another simple tip is snacking on fruit rather than sweets. This will give you a sustained supply of energy rather than a HIGH followed by a huge crash! 

Your diet is important and will ultimately allow you to make the most of your workouts in terms of results and recovery from workouts and to live energy filled de stressed lifes.

For a specific diet plan call today! 

Diet for weight loss?

Want to lose weight but don’t know how? Confused what to eat, how much and when?

I can help you lose weight effectively and permanently! Here are a few tips below on losing weight…………

1 Keep your protein intake high

Protein is vital for repairing cells, skin, bones, and building lean muscle you can’t get fat by eating protein. Examples: Chicken, Tuna, Cod, Turkey…

2 Get the right type of Carbohydrates

Many people think too much fat in their diet is the cause of their weight gain when the truth is its too many carbohydrates! Carbohydrates are great for giving you instant energy to be able to work out but they also make you fat if you don’t expend the energy- avoid simple carbohydrates like refined sugar, cans of pop, sweets… So carbohydrates are fine but make sure you eat complex carbohydrates like oats, apricots, oranges, plums, pears, grapefruits and prunes… these will fill you up and help you to feel satisfied- thus avoiding binging on bad carbohydrates.

3 Drink plenty of water throughout the day:

Water aids weight loss!! Simple but so effective, consume 2-3 litres a day.

These are just a sample of the dietary tips I can offer to help you shed the pounds to look and feel great! Call today to see how I can help. 

Diet for muscle building??

Want to pack on the muscle, get ripped or defined abs? Then you definitely need to follow a structured eating plan to make the most gains possible. Without a structured plan you will never see the results you want. Here are some tips below on what you should be eating to maximize muscle gains…………..

Eggs: Eggs are full of vitamins and minerals; they’re packed with riboflavin, folate, vitamins B6, B12, D, and E, and iron, phosphorus, and zinc- full of protein and quality fats. Essential muscle builder. 

Salmon- Full of omega 3’s and fatty acids, this beauty helps pack on the muscle and aid muscle recovery. 

Beef  is a major source of iron and zinc, two crucial muscle-building nutrients  it’s  also the number-one food source of creatine—your body’s energy supply for pumping iron—2 grams for every 16 ounces.- Boom!

Knowing what to eat, when and how much are powerful aids. Call today to see how I can help you. 

Dieting for a specific sporting event??

Are you looking to build more muscle or improve cardiovascular performance?

Your diet is essential in achieving your sporting aims. Looking to improve cardiovascular endurance or to increase strength and size of your muscles?

You may be a long distance cyclist who needs to increase his or her ability to use oxygen thus enabling you to train harder or cycler, harder and faster for longer.

Knowing what to eat to help maximise your efforts in the gym or whilst out on the roads will be of great benefit. It may mean the difference between losing and winning.

You may be a power lifter looking to increase muscle size and also would like to know how to speed up recovery between workouts. What you eat and drink will greatly influence both of these factors. If you could pack on more muscle faster naturally to improve your performance when it comes to the big lifts, then give me a call today! 

Labels confusing??

We all see foods promoted with no calories or half the calories or saying they only contain half the fat with less sugar…………..but are these foods good for you? Will they help you achieve your weight loss or muscle building goals? Should you avoid certain foods entirely?

Truth is food labelling is very misleading. Manufactures of certain foods are often market their foods to appear a healthy choice when this is often far from the truth.

Anything wrapped in a plastic container or packaging is 99.9% of the time man made.

A simple example is butter versus margarine. Margarine is man made, butter is not. However on the face of it if you were to compare nutritional facts margarine would appear to be the healthier option, yet this is not the case. Margarine is 1 molecule from being plastic! Butter is made from natural sources and is the healthy option. A CLASSIC EXAMPLE OF A MISLEADING  SO CALLED HEALTHY PRODUCT!

A lot of food products are marketed with claims like,”half the fat” and “No calories”. Most of the time foods that are marketed this way are filled with man made chemicals, preservatives, sugar, colouring………All the bad stuff that will hinder your weight loss or muscle building goals. To get the right information and right advice on what to eat when and how much. Call today……….

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