Physiotherapy Wolverhampton ImageJM Fitness is proud to be working alongside NJB Physiotherapists of Wolverhampton

About NJB Physio’s 

Based in Codsall, Wolverhampton, our brand new clinic has 4 practising physiotherapists who are all Chartered and HPC Registered.

NJB Physiotherapists of Wolverhampton have been treating clients for everyday aches and pains, back, neck, shoulder and knee pain since 1988.

Anyone wanting the highest quality and professional service- NJB Phsyiotherapist’s are the people you need to see.

The physiotherapy clinic is of the highest standard. Fully equipped with electrotherapy, diagnostic and exercise equipment to get you back to full fitness in the shortest amount of time.

NJB Physiotherapists are recommended and backed by all major insurance companies.

Physiotherapy is designed to help you recover and restore movement after an injury or operation.

Call NJB Physiotherapists to book yourself an appointment back to health.