Ring muscle up progress

Ring muscle up progress


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Ring muscle up progress


Hey, this is a video of me woking on my ring muscle ups. Im not perfect by any means as this video only shows me doing 3 muscle ups but its progress and its my progress. hopefully in the next few weeks I will post another of me doing 5 muscle ups, 7 and so on. My short term aim is to be able to do 10 muscle ups in a row. Muscle ups are a great muscle builder for the back, shoulders and chest. Its not just a pulling exercise or a chest exercise it is an overall upper body muscle builder that also involves the core.

Some simple tips on how to start and progress

To be able to perform a muscle up you need to have good pull up strength and endurance. As in can you do 10 sets of 10 with minimal rest and with good form? You also need good dip strength and endurance, can you do 10 sets of 10 with minimal rest? If yes great, if not try and work up to 50 overhand pull ups every day. Try varying the grip in terms of width, practice wide grips, medium and narrow overhand grips. Good core strength and endurance wouldn’t be a bad thing to have either so if you can perform an L sit in a pull up position with you arms either straight or bent  for 30 seconds or more at any one time then this would be beneficial. Grip is also crucial. Place your thumbs over the bar rather than under the bar when attempting the muscle up. Reason being is this will enable you to be able to rotate your shoulders more easily, thus making the transition from pull up to a dip position easier.

You may wish to place a step below the bar so you can do a little jump into the muscle ups. This will help you understand the movement and technique.

Practice explosive pull ups to work on explosive power, practice holding pull ups a key stages of the pull up. As in head over the bar, hold for 5 seconds, hold at 90 degrees at the elbow for 5 seconds and hold just above your arms being locked out for 5 seconds.

As always practice and practice.