Should overweight people be in the gym?


Should overweight people be in the gym? 
This should not even be a question! Every body in the gym is there for the same reason to get fit, lose weight, improve shape and confidence! You may be an elite athlete, you may be a complete beginner. I don’t care you have a right to be in the gym and not to be JUDGED!

Unfortunately two males decided that they would laugh and make fun of an overweight woman who had just joined today! They sat there laughing and making comments, nothing positive of course!

Now these two males are not in such fantastic condition that they can look down upon her and laugh about her size! If she had seen these two muppets what would she have thought?

I’m pretty sure she would have felt even worse about herself and left! Put off from returning or joining another gym!

The fact she is trying should be encouraged, she should be helped not mocked for trying!

I respect anyone trying to get fit, lose weight and improve. I have no time for idiots who obviously lead such pathetic lives they mock others for trying!

Always encourage and inspire.