Personal Training is for you. This page answers your questions on  when you can train, training times, how often and the different packages available.

Where does the personal training take place?

JM Fitness operates out of Firewalker health club, 1 Salisbury St, WV3 OBG. With all the facilities of a modern health club its an ideal place to train.

The majority of sessions take place in the private studios of Firewalker or out on the gym floor. However should you wish to be personal trained elsewhere this can be arranged, whether it be at your home, office or your favorite park. Whichever is the most convenient for you.

When can I train?

Personal training is for you. So whenever you want to train be it 6 am on a Monday morning or 9 pm on a Wednesday night, We can find a time and day to suit you and your lifestyle.

How often can I  train?

You can come as often as you wish, but typically an average a client trains with us 2 times a week. If you wish you could be personal trained once a week or 3 + times a week. This is up to you and your budget.

Personal Training- one to one

Is the most effective at making the most of your time when it comes to training. Maximize results with unrivaled attention to detail. This is tailored to you, you needs and wants will be catered for. Whether you want to lose weight, tone or build muscle.

You get all the guidance, motivation and dietary support to make the most of your sessions. Pick the day and time to suit you and get started today!

Buddy Training

Want a personal trainer but think it costs too much? Think again!

Buddy personal training is for you! YOU can train with a friend or work colleague.

Who share similar goals to help share the costs whilst still getting a professional affordable service that delivers results. Having a friend training alongside can often make for a better session due to increased competitiveness and support. Pick the day and time to suit you and get started today!

Group personal training

Train with friends, family members, whoever! Fantastic way to get in great shape whilst having a laugh, plus keeping the costs to a minimum.

Group personal training sessions are held on a Tuesday night at 7.30pm-8.30pm at Firewalker health club and Wednesday’s at 7pm-8pm.

Spaces are limited! So call today and start your journey to a new healthier you! 

Call 07961140174 or email