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Get Motivated Get Results- one on one

Personal training is the ultimate in delivering results fast!

Personal training is seriously effective! All the training is specific to you.

Want to make the most of your time when it comes to training? Want maximum results with unrivaled attention to detail? Then personal training is for you. Your needs and wants will be catered for. Whether you want to lose weight, tone or build muscle. You get all the guidance, motivation and dietary support to make the most of your sessions. Pick the day and time to suit you and get started today!

Personal training for Stress management…

How do you deal with stress? Unfortunately most of us do not deal with stress in an effective and helpful way. Most react badly; lash out at those we care most about making matters worse. 

As humans we were and are designed to move not sit on chairs all day at a computer! Taking annoying phone calls from people upset by the lack of service and care from the company you work for even though it is not your fault, listening to your boss giving you grieve for something that has totally nothing to do with you! All this can be very stressful!

But what do you do about it? Eat to feel better? Like chocolates, crisps? Drink to feel better? Unfortunately none of these are going to make you feel better or help you cope your stress effectively. It will only compound the problem. If you eat to cope with stress you end up gaining excess weight. Leading to decreased confidence and self esteem. Affecting all areas of your life. Personal and professional.

So to avoid compounding the problems do something about it!  

Exercise is one of the best stress busters around!

Training or exercise releases endorphins into the brain giving you a sense of energy, optimism, calmness, focus and self confidence. 

From personal experience I find training or exercising allows me to focus on my problems with a more positive and clearer mind. Thus enabling me to work through my daily issues with more efficiency. 

Stress is a leading cause of heart attacks, stroke and hypertension. 

Exercise reduces your risk of diabetes, stroke, heart disease and cancer by up to 50%. 

Physical activity boosts self esteem, improves sleep quality, reduces the risk of depression, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease.  

Exercise creates a more positive state of mind. Allowing you to focus and prioritise problems effectively and efficiently. Being able to do this will seriously benefit you in your personal and business life. The ability to be able to make serious decisions with a clear mind is a powerful tool.

If you’re a director or business owner you know daily that you have to make important decisions every day, budgets, marketing, hiring and firing. To do this with a stress free mind will allow you make decisions easier and with greater clarity.

How you cope with stress can affect your whole life.

For those who suffer with stress related problems why not book a free consultation and see how I can help you through the power of exercise.

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