Senior Man Doing Sit Ups In Gym

Buddy Training

Want a personal trainer but think it costs too much? Think again! Buddy personal training is for you! YOU can train with a friend or work colleague. Who share similar goals to help share the costs whilst still getting a professional affordable service that delivers results? Having a friend training alongside can often make for a better session due to increased competitiveness and support.

It doesn’t matter whether you and you’re friend or work colleague are at differing levels of fitness. I can tailor the session to you both get the most out of each workout. 

Pick the day and time to suit you and get started today!

Buddy training for Confidence

Most people find gyms or health clubs intimidating places. Finding the thought of training in front of younger in shape people can seem a daunting experience. Though having a friend, sister, and brother or work colleague training with you can make all the difference in getting you both to start your journey to a new, more confident in shape you.

Having their support both physically and mentally is a huge boost knowing that they are training as hard, dieting as hard, and going through the same emotions as you. This is hugely beneficial as you’ll be thinking if she or he can do it so can I! The competitive mentality will kick in “I’m not letting her beat me”!

Motivation and competitiveness will be high to see who achieves the better results. 

The increased confidence and belief gained from having a personal trainer training you both will be massive.

For more information on buddy training give me a call on 07961 140174 or alternatively use the contact form.