Corporate Fitness

Improve your profits

How frustrating is it when staff are constantly getting ill, it’s always the same staff too. You hear it too often, “I can’t make it today boss I’m sick, sore throat, stuffy nose”…………..

It goes on they cost you money. You have to pay them sick pay, get in cover, more money! Plus the work they would of done isn’t being done, maybe it’s a big client they have been handling and only they know the ins and outs of this particular client but guess what your employee is at home sick again whilst this big client is getting frustrated as no one knows enough info to help deal with them effectively. The client decides forget this I’ll take my business elsewhere. Not a situation you want!

More lost MONEY!

Best part is you know your employee is good at their job but what they aren’t good at is looking after their health and it’s affecting your business! They eat too much, smoke too much and drink too much! You know this; you tell them often enough but the message doesn’t seem to get through.

Decision time

Sack the employee? Or put up with him or her costing you money, time and energy!

As it’s not just clients they will be losing, your patience is wearing thin, your stress levels will be increasing. Get too stressed and you risk heart attacks, hypertension………remember you’re the boss. If you can’t work and run your company then who will? Who’s going to make important calls on marketing, selling, financing? If you can’t be there what’s going to happen? Obviously this is a situation you want to avoid. You don’t need this extra stress, running a business is tough enough without additional headaches! You want to focus on progression, expansion, not dealing with issues that you shouldn’t have too.

Productive workers

To do this you need productive workers. Workers you can trust. Workers you can depend on.

I can help

You want a productive workforce, a motivated and focused workforce.

This can be achieved by improving the mental and physical condition of your employees.

Exercise is well known to improve one’s mental state; endorphins are released into the brain creating a sense of wellbeing and calm. Decreasing stress and lowering the risk of illness. Reducing the risk of heart attacks, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Good news for maintaining a healthy and motivated workforce.

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