Weight Watchers for weight loss? Yeah right!

Its that time of year, Lets get fit, lets do this!
In the words of Eddie Murphy Nutty Professor, ” YES I CAN”.
Where do I start, umm I know diet club, weight watchers or slimming world !! Yes eureka! Ill be slim in no time.
As if! Diet clubs don’t work. If they did we wouldn’t have an obesity epidemic would we? 
No we wouldn’t! We would all be slim, confident and a healthy weight, fitting into our size 6 jeans. Wouldn’t we ?
Reason 1 why they don’t work:
They couldn’t care less about you! They just want your money!

Susie Orbach – a provocative British psychoanalyst, onetime therapist of Princess Diana, and current adviser to the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty, talks with Arianne Cohen of Marie Claire magazine about how Weight Watchers make their money – from the 97% OF PEOPLE WHO KEEP HAVING TO COME BACK BECAUSE THEY NOW WEIGH MORE THAN WHEN THEY STARTED!Susie writes: “If dieting worked, you’d only have to do it once. Weight Watchers, like most diet companies, depends on repeat customers.” (Source: WebMD)Weight Watchers is just like taking £21.45 on average out of your purse (plus whatever other fees there are weekly) and flushing it down the toilet. True story.Another source states that WW has a 16% success rate over a 5 year period. So for every 100 people attending WW – 84% of those people will end up fatter than they were before. 84% !!!! Will end up fatter!Reason 2: Weight Watchers or slimming world causes compulsive eating

Wait a minute – what’s compulsive eating? Well, there are lots of definitions but for me – compulsive eating is eating in response to a set of rules instead of in response to hunger. Eating to a set of rules which you then BREAK and dive head first into a case of the “fuck it’s” – I’ll start again on Monday (and skip the weigh in this week too…). Binge eating. Rules. Broken. Binge. Weight gain and a complete mental breakdown!

Reason 3: Weight Watchers branded food choices are full of nonsense and do NOT teach you about how to eat for health.

Example: Weight Watchers Ice Cream. Weight Watchers Chocolate Cookie Bars. Weight Watchers BREAD(which by the way is just a smaller loaf with a larger price tag!).

Instead of being taught about real food – you’re subjected to tables full of WW BRANDED SHITE which you then feel you HAVE to buy – because it takes the pain of counting points away – they’ve already done it for you. So you’re paying extra for a loaf of bread, just because you’re too lazy to count the WW points a slice of white processed bread by a cheaper brand already contains? Nice…

Do these foods make you healthier? NO. Do these foods teach you how to eat to lose weight? NO. You should be educated on what to eat, when and why. Not fed lies and more lies regarding weight watchers own branded foods, which by the way I highly doubt will lose you any weight, but isn’t that the reason you are there for in the first place ?

Reason 4: Weight Watchers is HUMILIATING you in front of other women.You turn up to class each week to stand in a queue in front of other women (and men) to stand on a set of scales and let yourself be defined by a NUMBER. Yes, a number. You lose 1lb this week and you think you’re a failure! Do you know what 1 pound of fat looks like??? That’s not a failure homegirl – that’s a success – pat yourself on the back lady! But what if you’ve put a pound on? What happens then? HUMILIATION. Complete confusion as to why you have put weight ON when you followed the plan meticulously. What happens then?1. THIS ISN’T WORKING I’M DONE WITH THIS DIET
2. PUT MORE WEIGHT ON.Reason 5: Weight Watchers is a crutch that wants your money and doesn’t want to see you succeed. Diets don’t work for long term weight loss success. When does the cycle end? When do you stop using them as a crutch to support your NEED for fitting in? Nobody should ever have to lean on someone for long term weight loss success. Diets like Weight Watchers allow you to lose weight – but don’t allow you to change your eating habits for good to SUSTAIN your weight loss. They do not teach you mindset for weight loss or support your emotional needs either. I don’t know about you – but I eat depending on my emotions – now HOW ON EARTH can I do this whilst I count points?

Want to learn step by step about what DOES work and how to eat for health? I want to teach you how NOT to define yourself by the scales. The number on the scales does not tell you how many friends you have, how amazing your family is, how you feel that particular day, how you look, or the person you are. If you want to know more drop me a message, call or text:)