What exercises to do for Muscle building or Fat loss?

What exercises to do for Muscle building or Fat loss?



Good question! What exercises to do for muscle building or fat loss? 


Building muscle and fat loss go hand in hand, the more muscle you have the less body fat you have. We all desire to look a little better, be fitter, healthier more confident but where do you start, what exercises should you do?

So many different guides saying this is the best way or no this is the best way. It used to be  a lot of people in gyms, training one or two body parts in any given session like biceps and triceps or chest and shoulders.

That’s great if you have maximum time and are a full time bodybuilder. Most of us are not. So the best thing to maximise muscle gain and fat loss are compound or big movements.

Why? You want to build muscle and burn fat yes? You do. Good.

Most likely you have an hour a day max to smash out a gym session? True? Most likely.

So the best exercises you can do are compound lifts, these are big movements that involve loads of muscles all at the same time. More muscles involved means greater energy expenditure during exercise and at rest. Meaning more calories burned, meaning greater fat loss and more muscle mass gain. The more muscle mass you have the more calories you burn at rest, so less chance of calories being stored as fat. The more muscular or toned you are the less body fat you have. Boom!

If you can perform various compound lifts back to back perfect! Though this would not be for a beginner. Performing lets say snatch, squats and deadlifts back to back would be an awesome muscle building fat shredding circuit. Though as I say an advanced way of training. 

If you were a beginner, performing snatch or clean and press for 10 reps then resting for 30seconds to a minute would be a good start. After a little rest go again, 10 more reps, rest and recover then go again. 5 sets of 10 reps would be good.

Intermediate wise, performing two compound moves back to back for 10 reps a time, then resting for up to a minute before going again would be a good challenge. If two moves back to back is too easy add a third compound lift before having a breather.


Big movement exercises examples:

Squats:Massive testosterone booster, meaning greater muscle building ability leading to greater fat loss, great for leg power, leg size, definition, athletic performance and of course having a great ass.

Snatch: Great multi muscle hitter building explosive power, leg power, abdominal strength, lower and upper back strength and shoulder power.

Clean and press: similar too snatch in terms of benefits and power benefits. Though you will  be able to lift more weight as you pause once you get the bar to the shoulder before powering up above the head with the aid of the legs.

Deadlifts: Great for lower back development, leg power, strength and size. I personally view this a a leg exercise rather than back exercise. Best to concentrate on the push rather than the pull phase of the movement.

Explosive squats: or Squat jumps, great for leg explosive power, involving the hamstrings, quadriceps, calves and abdominal muscles.

lunge jumps: similar to explosive squats in terms of benefits though this requires more balance and co-ordination. Great for developing hamstring explosive power.

Dips: Great chest, shoulder and triceps builder. helps build functional strength.

Pull ups: The king of back building, want a stronger more muscular defined back? Get on the pull ups, mix up the grips to hit different parts of the back and arms.

By putting any of these moves into a circuit style session where you perform back to back exercises you are sure to build muscle and lose body fat.

Example circuit:

Snatch, pull ups wide grip, squat jumps followed by dips- Advanced, 1 minute rest then go again, repeat 5 -8 times.

Snatch, pull ups and press ups- intermediate, 1 minute rest, go again.

Clean and press 10 reps, rest 30 seconds to a minute, repeat 5 times. Beginner

All exercises 10 reps ideally, you will tire and less reps will be performed per exercise. don’t worry. When you get fitter you will be able to maintain a higher number of reps per exercise.


This blog remember is a guide , make sure you know how to perform each move safely. Want more help, then give me a shout 07961140174 or email james@jmfitness.co.uk