What to do is an important question

What to do? Is an important question.


Where to start my routine when training? How long do I train for?  How many reps or sets? Indeed what to do is an important question. 

Any workout routine should start with a basic stretching session, 5-10 minutes focussing on the backs of the thigh (hamstrings), front thigh(quadriceps), lower back, inner thighs(iliposas), chest(pecs).

Included in this routine should be some bodyweight deep squats, forward bends from the hips and shoulder rotations to help get the muscles warmer. Basically after stretching start to move more dynamically gradually. Try and replicate some moves slowly and controlled that you will be doing in your main workout too.

How long should one train for? Indeed, good question. Truth is no real set time is ever going to be applicable to everyone at any stage or their fitness journey. You may feel tired or stressed both of these will affect your performance in the gym. As a rough guide beginner 30 minutes, intermediate 1 hour and advanced 1 hour +. Always factor in stretching at the start and end of any workout.

 What are reps and sets? 

Reps simply are repetitions that make up sets. You can perform less reps on a heavier weight or more on a lighter weight. You may do 8 reps s