Women’s Health? You serious?



Women’s Health? You serious?


The below picture was sent to me by my Girlfriend. Women’s health magazine top tips for being healthy are How to look sexy without showing any cleavage, 15 hottest doctors of all time and why hasn’t some celebrity married some guy!


Womens health mag


Wow so Women’s healths top tips on health are an interesting choice and have nothing to do with health what so ever! 

Considering this magazine is written for females and should be about empowering females to do well, succeed in their training, succeed in their career and generally be a strong minded independent woman. Then this is not really getting that point across is it? 

Where is the information on improving health? Like what to eat, how much and when?

Information on training? How often? What to train? Sets and reps guides?

Supplement advice?

Work related or career advice on progressing? How to deal with certain situations? like harassment?

But no none of this! Instead a women’s magazine written for women focusses on sexual related topics!

Surely this should not be the focus? I mean there are plenty of magazines objectifying women in society! That a female oriented magazine should not be following suit right?

Shouldn’t the front cover have examples of women athletes performing well and who are examples of dedication and hard work to their chosen careers/sports? 

Maybe even a Q and A about their lifestyle, how much they train, their diet, how they have overcome any prejudice towards them in trying to succeed in their chosen field?

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